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As mobile home movers in Michigan, there are several different types of mobile homes that we regularly transport. Some people will occasionally refer to them as house trailers or manufactured homes. They each have their own advantages and vary quite significantly when in comes to transporting. Michigan mobile home movers has vast experience with moving all of them and is fully setup to do so. Our workers are not only drivers but are very competent with regards to carpentry.

Types Of Mobile Homes

We transport all types of mobile homes but there are a lot of differences between the types of them the change the transportation process.

Single-Wide Mobile Homes

Single-wide mobile homes are the most traditional and common. They range in size from 12 to 18 feet wide and 40 to 90 feet long. These homes are the cheapest of their type to move. They only require one mobile home toter and don’t require disassembly and reassembly upon delivery. The relocation process of a single-wide home doesn’t typically require any longer than one day. A single-wide home is usually just set on inexpensive concrete blocks, which allows for a quick install.

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Double and Triple-Wide Mobile Homes

Double-wide and triple-wide homes are much larger and are far more expensive to transport. They require disassembling and far more re-assembly. It requires either multiple trips or multiple trucks in order to move it to a different location. Roof caps, floor joints and siding all need to be worked on in order to move them. Due to the homes needing to be split apart, plastic needs to be installed on the open face of it to protect it from the elements during transport. Concrete footers or a complete concrete basement are required as a foundation. This requires more lead time as additional contractors are required and cure time is necessary after the concrete is poured. These homes are usually sought after for the open concept that they can provide by being much wider. Triple-wide homes can be quite large and are sometimes in excess of 3000 square feet.


Park model homes are regularly called trailers as well and aren’t the same as traditional mobile homes. They are designed for more frequent transporting and are thus built that way. They are typically much narrower and usually the axles and tongues aren’t even removed from them. Snow-birds as well as people with seasonal rental lake lots are most attracted to them as they need the ability to frequently and cheaply move them.

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