Office Trailer Transport Specialists!

Licensed and Insured


Office Trailer Movers

Office trailers are the ideal solution for companies needing a temporary base to operate out of. Michigan Mobile Home Movers are the leading office trailer movers in the state of Michigan. We have the ideal trucks and equipment to get it transported in a timely, cost-effective manner. Our contractors are licensed and insured to protect your building in the event or unforeseen circumstances. Whether it is a rental unit or a company owned one we can move it for you.

Complete Office Trailer Transport Services

From permits to pilot cars we have it taken care of. We will disconnect utilities, install axles, tires and tongues, remove stairs and inspect the trailer so it is ready for transport. Our company will get the transportation permit and dispatch one of our pilot cars if needed. Upon arrival at its destination we will level, block-up and secure the office. If it has stairs, we will also set those up and arrange for utilities connections if they are required.